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As our alarm clock went off at 7 AM, I must say that I was surprised not to wake up with a headache. This immediately made me think of enjoying this delicious liquid again later this afternoon, but first we had to get up, got dressed and as we left our room, we went straight for the breakfast area, to have a bit of food into our system.

Still a bit displeased we couldn't do it on our own, I was glad to see that besides our two guides, we were able to recruit a few other people and with the 6 of us, we were ready for a bit of boating. The rest of our group decided to go and watch the boat racing festival and we agreed to meet up with each other later this afternoon.

The captain of the boat seemed very friendly and as we were equipped with the obliged life jacket, we were on our way to visit the 4000 islands or Si Phan Don as it is called here close to the Cambodian border and with it, its infamous Li Phi Waterfalls.

As we were staying on the biggest island Don Khong, we were on the water for almost 1,5 hour passing countless little islands, some of them even so small that the only thing on it was a small tree. We even passed a few rapids, but luckily we had a boat with a motor so rafting was out of the question.


Upon our arrival at Don Det, one of the smaller but inhabited islands, we got a smelly truck waiting for us to bring us to the French Bridge. Nuna was so glad she arranged us a ride, but the entire group wanted to walk the road which used to be in a far past an old railway track, after all, it was but 7 kilometers long.

When the bridge came closer, we were let of the truck and got a chance to walk on it. On the other side, the truck was already waiting for us, but with the 6 of us, we planned a little mutiny and told Nuna and Noy we wanted to walk and refused getting back on the truck. Nuna had a talk with Noy and he agreed to meet up with us again at the old locomotive, situated about 500 meters away from the bridge.

Still wondering how healthy it is to get in and out of an old truck for such short distances, we quickly left Noy behind us and with a small group of 7 we had a little exploration of the Island Don Khon. As we were walking near the river, we saw a bit of the daily life of the people living on this island. We saw children bringing rice to the monks, playing in the water, elderly relaxing in hammocks and families harvesting wheats. This was the thing we wanted to see and not driving from one place to another in an old truck.

It must have been about an hour later when we met up with Noy again and he was glad to see us again. He thought we were lost because we were gone for a long time. He was joking right???

The Old French Locomotive is situated a few hundred meters away from the French Bridge and here you can see a rusted train with a piece of railway during the French period.


Back on the truck again, we drove of to that other famous sightseeing attraction on the island, the Li Phi waterfalls and as we arrived at the scene, I was even surprised to notice they call it a waterpark here on the island. I was a bit curious what to expect and firstly I thought they were going to send us to a tourist trap, but as we arrived at the falls, we were amazed to see them. there were so many and I must admit, we saw a few falls on this trip, but for me these were the most beautiful.

We had a bit of free time to walk around the premises and as we followed the stream of water, we discovered more and more falls existing out of different levels. As we walked through the park, we even ended up at a sandy beach. I so wished we had a bit more free time, because with a cosy bar, it looked like being on a beach holiday, which is always fun for a few days.

It seemed we were not the only ones finding it hard to leave, a few others of the group had the same idea as well, but sadly enough we had to leave and as we met up with our guides again, we drove back to the centre of Don Khon for a bite to eat.

After lunch, we still had half an hour to have a look at the local shops and then it was back on the water again for a 2 hours trip back to our island Don Khong. As soon as we crossed a few rapids, I dozed off once in a while and before I knew it, we were back at our hotel again, where we met up with the rest of our group.

The boat racing festival had finished already and while we had things to tell about our excursion, they did the same about the festival. It turned out to be a real fun event. Since the fair and market was still in full swing, the both of us had a quick sneak peek since we agreed to have dinner with another couple of the group.

It must have been a little after 7 PM when we finally found a restaurant to our liking and since all our "kip" money was useless tomorrow when we were going to cross the border, we spend our last evening spending every dime we had on delicious food and drinks. Needless to say, when we left the table we were a bit tipsy and while the other couple slowly walked back to the hotel, me and my best friend had one last visit to the night market.

With still a bit of money left, we waisted it all at the local games, "losing" all our money in the process but feeling so happy in the first place.

As we arrived back at our room, we still needed tot pack our stuff and by the time we went to bed it was already way past midnight. Going to sleep wasn't hard to do as the alcohol did is work as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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Sounds like a good day in the end, once you got the chance to look around properly on foot!

by ToonSarah

so right, that is all we asked ... we are not that difficult!

by Ils1976

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