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freezing our asses off in the jungle - part 2

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Unlike what you should expect, I slept like a baby, I guess the lack of sleep the day before had something to do with it as well, but hey, I am not complaining one bit.

Having a free day wouldn't be so hard if you were in a city, but here in the hills of the Bolaven Plateau, there are not so many thrilling activities to do. When we listened to the plans of the majority of our group, it sounded that besides doing a bit of laundry washing, reading a book or just relaxing, there was not so much going on, but the two of us didn't want to sit in front of our cabin for the rest of the day.

At the breakfast table we quickly made plans for a short hike here in the hills, but since it is difficult to get around, we found a guide in an employee of the resort. He grabbed us a lunch and by the time it was 9.30 AM, we were on our way.


Just with the three of us, we started walking all the way towards the first village we walked to yesterday, but this time around the kids were nowhere to be found. At this time of the day, they were at the local school, a few kilometers further down the road. It sure made for a much quieter surrounding.

As our guide started talking about the coffee plantations while we were passing a few of them, he tested our skills in the knowledge between the different trees and their luxury product, the coffee bean. It seems we were good students and we passed the test. Half an hour into the walk we even got the chance to visit a property where people were drying the different coffee beans.

The people down here are so friendly. Most of them don't even speak any other language than their native one, but still, looking at their behavior, it says enough.


We were walking for a bit more than an hour when the trail wasn't flat anymore, but became more and more steeper. Gone were the plantations and instead we saw more and more stones and pine trees. It seemed we were arrived at the Xing Sai plain. Covered with not only trees, but also dried grasses, the limestone area was amazingly beautiful. From time to time we discovered a small Buddha figurine because according to our guide, there were 3 monks living on the plain worshipping the truest form of Buddhism. On our walk we saw one of them cleaning up a few leaves in front of us very small hut. They had the live of a hermit and devoted it completely to their religion. My respect went out to them, I know I couldn't bear it and secondly, I am not all that religious, maybe that is the most important thing.

Following a trail on the plains, we slowly walked down again only to arrive at a rather large river. Here we stripped off our shoes and waded carefully over the slippery stones to the other side. Some of the stones were very pointy and hurt a lot, so I was more than glad to have made it with a little help of our guide.

Once back up again, we soon found out we just have crossed the top of the Champi waterfall or Tad Champee like it is called and it really is an amazing waterfall.


Since we were really getting hungry, this was the best place on earth to have lunch, so while we did one last effort and walked down the steep stairs, we quickly found ourselves at the feet of the fall and enjoyed a delicious rice meal. Although it was but a simple meal it tasted great. I guess that was our biggest award for the excercise we did.

Fully rested, we went back up again and once we reached the top op the hill we went for a quick dessert ... your typical Lao ice coffee. It seemed that tour guide arranged us a ride back to the resort, but as we had to wait for quite a while, we just started walking again till our ride reached us, which was more than half an hour later.

By the time we reached "home base" again, it was about 3 PM and since we wanted to enjoy as much of the daylight and to be more precise, the warmth, as possible, we went for one last hike. This time it was but a very short one as we walked down the stairs of the premises all the way towards another waterfall called Tad E-Tu and I must say that it also was an impressive one.

We stayed for a while, but when the sun suddenly decided to go hide and seek, it started to get colder and we quickly went back up the stairs and relaxed in our room for while till it was time for dinner.

Once again we met up with a few people of our group and just like yesterday, we went for a spicy meal and a bit of alcohol to warm up the body and the soul. Although in the beginning I didn't had high hopes for this place, we did enjoy ourselves and as soon as the staff closed the dining area, we went back to our icy cold room for a hot shower and a sleep.

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Sounds like a good day, and certainly hiking to the waterfalls sounds a much pleasanter activity than doing laundry!

by ToonSarah

haha, indeed ... it was an amazing day and I liked the hike, so it was definitely a win win situation

by Ils1976

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