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freezing our asses off in the jungle - part 1

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Last year when traveling through Patagonia, we also used a night bus and I slept like a baby, this time around, it was nothing of the sort. During the night I had to go to the toilet a couple of times because of all the rocking of the bus. Normally this helps when you want to sleep, but seeing we were situated in front of the bus with all the windows, it was cold as well and nothing helped for me to get a bit of sleep. Even with 2 blankets and warm clothes it didn't change a thing. I drifted of from time to time, but as we arrived in Pakse at 6 AM in the morning, I was exhausted.

There was a lot going on at the bus station of Pakse, but I was just too tired to notice and feeling like a zombie, I quickly went to the toilets for a splash of water in my face before getting on our bus.

It was freezing cold here high up in the jungle which is also called the Bolaven Plateau and although I originally though that a jungle means warmth, here in Laos it is just the opposite.

We had driven for almost an hour, but as we arrived at our hotel, I was still a zombie. There was an opportunity to have breakfast, but I was just too tired to eat, instead I laid my head to rest on the table in front of me. Even my friend Tania wasn't into food, but she hoped to get warm when having a cup of hot coffee. It didn't work!

As soon as everyone was finished, we left our luggage behind at the reception because our rooms were not ready and on we went for a few sights here in the vicinity. Firstly we visited the local waterfalls. The first one was a really high one called Tad Fane, the other one Tad Yuang was a bit more impressive, but the victory goes to the locals living near the waterfall, the Katu people. We only stayed for half an hour, but these women are champions when it comes to colorful dresses and happy life style.

PC040627_Fotor.jpg PC040625_Fotor.jpg

Further on the plateau, we also had a quick stop at a local coffee and tea plantation. Of course we had seen many on our previous trips, but the people working on the farm really did their best to keep things as organic as possible and I liked the idea very much.

Once back at the "resort", we had a quick lunch with the group and afterwards we were divided into our own small cabin up the hill. It was quite a struggle getting the luggage up there, but in a way this was a good thing because although it was already way passed 2 PM, it was still cold here on our hill and with this little workout we got a bit warmer. Or at least for a while anyway.

Seeing there was not so much to do, we relaxed for a while in our room, but the cold won the fight and instead we soaked up the warmth of the sun found on the doorsteps of our terrace. We had a chat with our neighbors, but since it turned out that no-one in our group was up for a bit of an activity, me and Tania walked all by ourselves to a little waterfall near the resort. From here it was but a short walk to the local village where we were welcomed by a few local kids.


Here in the neighborhood the people live off the coffee plantations and while walking we see loads of trees and things connected with the coffee trade.

We just made it in the nick of time when the sun started to set coz we really didn't want to get stuck in the jungle and after a hot shower, we were ready to have dinner with a few people of the group.

Since our group was the only one here at the resort, we eventually met up sooner than later and not that this was a bit thing, because traveling for more than a week now, we got closer and closer. It was fun to have a group with likeminded people and because we all had the same problem called "COLD", we all went for spicy meals in order to get a feel of the heath and it really worked. It was freezing hot! :)

What has been quite a nice evening with fun talks and of course a bit of a laugh as well, we said goodnight to each other as we closed the joint around 9 PM in the evening.

Once back in the room we had another hot shower just to warm up and under the thick blankets it was. OMGosh, it was really freezing, but in the end, even I fell asleep.

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I hadn't realised that it could get that cold anywhere in Laos! When we stayed near Pakse, on Done Deng Island, I had the opposite problem - it was too hot for me But your photos of the Katu women make it really worthwhile!

by ToonSarah

it was cold and I must say, I have no trouble with heath, only cold temperatures ... we put on so many layers, but during the day when the sun was shining it was nice!

by Ils1976

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